We celebrate creativity and the defiant spirit of man, the need to explore new horizons, to hunt down new experiences and discover whats out there.

Each Racer, each classic is an expression of its rider, an old faithful companion carrying its rider into the unknown. If you are looking for Zen, it has two wheel, a motor and a set of handlebars.

We savour each opportunity to share in a build, putting paint to months and sometimes years of meticulous work, bring all that hard work to a glorious kickass conclusion. We aim to bring out the best of the craftsmanship which fashioned the bike, and to show off the artistic lines and graceful curves that are a custom motorcycle. And once its done, we get out and ride, feeling like the world is ours and nothing can stop us or ever look as good.

With 19 years experience we have come to understand the importance of dressing each owners babe in its finest… attitude… hell yeah.