The Next project. Just drove down today to Stilfontein and picked up a 1977 Yamaha TT500…in pieces. I also got a spare TT500 rolling chassis. The aim is to build a desert sled out of the complete bike, modelling it on the DL500 (Budget permitting).

The second bike will receive an RD350 motor and becoming a Flat tracker of sorts…Hoping to have the first bike ready by mid Jan…will post updates on the progress…the photo depicts the bikes arrival back home, tomorrow I will lay it all out in the shop and and see what needs doing…needless to say the tank will probably be finished first, receiving an kickass paint job from yes you guessed it, Kicker paints..

After sorting out the wreckage and seeing what was missing and what was usable, it was time to begin the big clean..

Frame was prepped for a new lease on life too.

And the tanks will receive the same treatment…though the bike is a ’79, I think I am going to go with the ’76 paint scheme.

Couldn’t resist taking a sneak peek inside the motor…rockers and cams are good, big end is good, will replace seals, timming chain, tensioner, and gaskets…barrel will also be honed and an oversized piston fitted.

Next challenge is the wheels:

These are D.I.D’s, decent rims, and still pretty true, will strip them, polish up the spokes and rims and repaint the hubs.

Axils nice and clean.

5 spokes had ceased up, and so more cleaning!

Frame back from paint, the Kicker guys did a great job, she looks new…this desert sled is about to get some meat on her bones…once the wheels are complete I can put together the rolling chassis.