Kicker Cycles

& Paintworx

Kicker is a premier motorcycle and bicycle paint shop specializing in paint restoration and kick ass custom paint designs. We especially have a fondness for Racers and Retro Custom bikes..

Faster, faster, faster,

until the thrill of speed

overcomes the fear of death..

– Hunter Thomson –

Riding is about cresting the next horizon, about the wind shearing off your leathers and sharing the road with people who get you. It’s about defending the right to do what the hell you want, the right to chose your own path, its about defying convention and showing the world you’ve found your placein it. Tts about oil rags, dirty hands and kicking cold steel to life. A bike is timeless cool, its a journey called life, so what does your bike say about you..Kick ass and looking good doing it!

Our bikes are our voice, an expression of our defiance as we travel at the speed of sound, untouchable. The growl  of our bellies, full of fire and passion,  shake the pillars of all that is mundane, all that has become superficial. Each bike that leaves our shop is as unique as the one who kick starts it to life everyday with a big ol’ grin on their face, each with its own history, its own ability to transform and become something different again. Whether its a sport bike, a Cafe Racer, a desert sled or a classic, each has a tale to tell, full of attitude and quirks, a reflection of the personalities who pours their passion into these finely tuned agents of havoc and are rewarded with an unrivaled sense of freedom.

What does your ride say about you..